We at guntap believe in privacy and anonymity and take extra care to ensure our customers information is secure. Our privacy policy is simple: we will not sell, transfer, rent, or otherwise provide your personal information or order history to a 3rd party.

While browsing our website, we may use cookies and JavaScript to help improve your experience. Cookies are small files saved on your computer (not on our servers) and do things like maintain the items your shopping cart, remember your login username, keep you logged in for a specified period of time, etc... JavaScript is used to provide an interactive experience, such as enlarging photos, providing for 3D effects, animating images, etc... You can choose to disable cookies and JavaScript through your browser's settings, however, your experience may be significantly impacted.

We do not save any credit card or bank account information on our servers. We utilize a payment processor in order to handle all payments made through our website.

Our website may use an anonymous analytics service to determine how many visitors are on the website, if a visitor is engaging in malicious activity or is from a blacklisted IP address, etc... This service will not collect any personal information about you and we do not save any of this information on our servers.

If you would like additional information on our privacy policy, please contact us at