OUT OF SPEC Stainless Steel Tumbling Pins - Rejects

OUT OF SPEC Stainless Steel Tumbling Pins - Rejects
OUT OF SPEC Stainless Steel Tumbling Pins - Rejects
Brand: guntap
Product Code: SSP-R
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Price: $3.85
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$3.85 per pound, each quantity = 1 pound ~~~ $6.50 flat rate priority shipping any quantity
NO Returns on Out-of-Spec media

Stainless Steel Tumbling Pins by guntap is the best tumbling media to clean, deburr, and burnish metals. However, this particular batch of pins we're selling do not meet our high quality standards. Normally we sell pins that measure 0.047" x 0.255" (+/- 5%) so they do not get jammed in brass cartridges, but these pins fall outside that range.

We only have a limited quantity of rejected pins, so once sold, there will not be anymore for several months (or longer). This is all we have, if the listing quantity goes to zero, we're sold out.

Because these pins do not measure 0.255", please do not use them for cleaning brass cartridges. If you do, it is very likely you will get stuck pins and will have to pry them out of the cartridges.

Most of the pins will measure somewhere between 0.220" and 0.270", but you will have pins that can be anywhere from grit size (less than 0.01") to roughly 0.300" (but there can be longer).

These pins will work great for any other purposes where jamming isn't a concern, such as cleaning fastening hardware, auto parts, non-precious jewelry, etc...

Please take note that all purchases $150 or more will require a signature for the carrier to release the shipment. If this will be an issue, contact us prior to purchasing.

BONUS: With every purchase, receive a free sample of our proprietary in-house formulation of Brass Shine Powder Detergent! Forget using dish detergent and a water softener. Brass Shine is all you need to get your brass bright and shiny! The more pins you purchase, the more free samples you receive:

Pounds Purchased Free Brass Shine 30g Sample Packets
1 to 10 1 Free (30g, 2 tbsp)
11 to 20 2 Free (60g, 4 tbsp)
21 to 30 3 Free (90g, 6 tbsp)
31 to 40 4 Free (120g, 8 tbsp)
41 to 50 5 Free (150g, 10 tbsp)
51+ 6 Free + 1 per 10 lb thereafter

Brass Shine Directions: For a 1 quart drum tumbler, use 1 teaspoon (2 teaspoons for very dirty brass). For a 1 gallon drum tumbler, use 1 tablespoon (2 tablespoons, or entire packet, for very dirty brass).

To purchase Brass Shine Powder Detergent, we sell it in 1 pound and 2 pound packages. If you can't find it online, let us know and we'll point you to it.

Detailed Product Information and FAQ

Created from extremely tough 302/304 stainless steel, these pins will last for thousands of cleanings. These pins are not recommended for cleaning brass cartridges as the length varies considerably. They can (and most likely will) get jammed inside your cartridges. However, they are good for many other non-cartridge cleaning purposes.

Q: How do I use these stainless tumbling pins?

A: Place the stainless steel tumbling media in a rotary or magnetic tumbler, along with water, detergent (we recommend Brass Shine), and brass cartridges or other metal parts. The amount of water needed varies, but start with 1/2 drum full and adjust for future cleanings.

Run until clean, typically between 30 minutes and 2 hours. When first starting out, check every 15 minutes to see if additional cleaning is necessary. Use with Brass Shine Powder Detergent for best results. Do not exceed the tumbler’s maximum weight capacity otherwise premature motor failure may occur.

Q: Will these pins work in a vibratory tumbler or ultrasonic cleaner?

A: These pins are designed for rotary and magnetic tumblers. They are not recommended for vibratory tumblers, but some customers have successfully used them in such tumblers. These pins will not work in ultrasonic cleaners.

Q: How much tumbling media do I need for my tumbler?

A: For a 15 pound/1 gallon drum (e.g. Thumler's Model B), 5 pounds of pins are needed to clean your items quickly and efficiently. For a 3 pound/1 quart drum (e.g. Harbor Freight Item 67631), 1 pound is sufficient.

More pins may slightly speed up the process, but using too many pins can potentially cause poor cleaning performance or prematurely burn out your motor. If you have a custom tumbler, send us a message or call us at Contact Us for advice on how many pins are correct for your application.

Q: How much am I purchasing with each quantity

A: Each quantity purchased equals 1 pound of media. With any quantity purchased, shipping is a flat $6.50, and will ship via USPS Priority Mail.

Q: How will these pins be packaged?

A: These will not come in our standard retail packaging. You may get blank packaging, poly bags, or something different.

Q: Are these pins magnetic? I thought only 400-series alloys were magnetic.

A: These 302/304 stainless steel pins are magnetic. The process by which it happens is called Martensitic Stress Induced Transformation (MSIT). This allows you to easily separate and pick up the pins with a strong magnet. We recommend using a rare-earth neodymium or large coated ceramic magnet to capture all the pins that fall out of the tumbler.

Q: Can I return this media if it doesn't work for me?

A: NO RETURNS! Rejected batches are sold as-is. You are purchasing pins that do not conform to any length standard.

Q: What else can these pins be used for?

A: Although this specific pin dimension was designed for cleaning brass cartridges, it can be used in many different industrial and jewelry applications, such as deburring, burnishing, and cleaning parts made from cast iron, titanium, steel, aluminum (430 alloy recommended), and other metals. Be sure the hardness of 302/304 stainless will work for your application and not damage your parts, especially when made from aluminum or other soft/precious metals.

Q: How many pounds do you have available?

A: Whatever our listing quantity shows, that's all we have. We strive to keep rejects to a minimum, but machine error occurs from time to time. We maintain high quality standards, so any pins that fall outside our acceptable range get rejected.

Q: Where are these pins made?

A: Made in the USA by an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

Hardness Rockwell Range: 45 - 58 C; Vickers Range: 446 - 653
Origin Made in the USA
Material 302/304 Stainless Steel
Diameter 0.048" (1.19 mm)
Weight 1 lb per quantity purchased
Length Varies from 0.01" to approximately 0.300"

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