Knives & Sharpeners

Knives & Sharpeners

We offer knives from top brands such as TOPS Knife and Mora (Morakniv). TOPS Knives are highly sought after and known for being "101% Made in the USA" while Mora produces high quality yet very affordable bug-out bag, utility, and fine woodcarving knives made in Sweden.

We also carry Sandrin Knives, made in Italy. Perhaps the most unique knife on the market today, it utilizes a proprietary tungsten carbide blade that is harder than any steel, yet flexible! This line of knives continues to expand and we will be one of the first dealers to offer their new selections.

In addition to knives, we carry the Wicked Edge knife sharpening system. One of the fastest and most accurate ways to sharpen knives, this is a must have for anyone serious about their knives and keeping them sharp. The Wicked Edge system is becoming more popular by the day as people realize the benefits of switching to this sharpening system.

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